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Public Welfare Foundation

Web, Branding

In its 70-year history, the Foundation has distributed more than $570 million in grants to more than 4,800 organizations. The Social Driver team had the opportunity to partner with this amazing foundation to refresh and revitalize their online presence. The result was a completely fresh take on what it means to be a grants foundation in the 21st century.

Public Welfare Foundation logo

Gritty, Bold and Human

The Public Welfare Foundation is committed to seeing real change in the world, promoting a justice system that is restorative and racially just. That means telling real authentic stories, exploring hope for the future while maintaining unwavering resolve to truth.

To convey such a goal, the refreshed brand and website make strong use of authentic photography. Photos that connect viewers to the very real, and very human, impact of the justice system. This imagery sits alongside color that is anchored in a resolved navy with a bright secondary pallete that evokes energy and change.

Grain and grit textures play a key role throughout the website enhancing a sense of grittyness that is the nature of creating change the justice system. It’s rarely a clean and straightforward endeavor.

Typography on the site was chosen to maintain a sense a timeliness while leveraging the gravity of the justice system. The regal yet utilitarion Poynter was chosen for headlinew while the similarily refined Neue Haas Grotesk (an evolution of Helvetica, Univers and Akzidenz) makes up body copy.

Grid of logos showing Public Welfare Foundation branding in a variety of colors.
The best ideas come from communities
Collage of components from the Public Welfare Foundation website.

Modular approach

Based on content patterns, components were quickly constructured allowing the site to grow and evolve alongside the needs of the Public Welfare Foundation. This pseudo design system dramatically decreased both design and development time and should serve the foundation for years to come.

Screenshot of Public Welfare Foundation's homepage.
Screenshot of various web layouts from the Public Welfare Foundation's website.

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