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Artsy: Gallery Partnerships

Web Design

Featuring over 1,000,000 works and 100,000 artists on its site, Artsy is one of the foremost art retailers online. The talented team of designers and developers at Artsy partnered with Social Driver to build out a microsite directed at smaller art galleries needing to enter the modern digital world. Working within the Artsy brand, I helped create a maintainable and scalable site with overwhelmingly positive results.

Artsy logo on inked canvas

Refined and established brand

Artsy came to Social Driver with an already well defined and respected brand. They also had a very clear content and business strategy for this new microsite. Our job was to merely bring these elements together and get out of the way.

Upon the completion and review of content, wireframing began in earnest. Working alongside the UX team, I layed out the structure for the entirety of the site allowing us to see quickly what modules would be needed.

Wires in hand we worked within the Artsy design system, to create molecule level components that could be used anywhere within the microsite. The end result was one of the cleanest and fastest turn arounds on project in Social Driver history.

Screenshots of the Artsy Gallery Partner website including homepage, global connectoins page and become a partner page.

Call to action

I can help define your brand and get your website in order.