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Childcare Worldwide

Print, Branding, Web, Social

As the sole designer at Childcare Worldwide I was responsible for the creation of fundraising collateral for both print and web. Additionally, I participated in directing messaging and strategy through annual campaigns. These efforts resulted in a 234% increase in year end fundraising campaigns between 2012 and 2017

Collage of 2016 catalog branding up close

2016 Christmas Catalog branding - Spanning social, print & web

Person holding a printed version of the 2016 catalog.
Person displaying a printed spread of the 2016 catalog.
Every Meal Matters Campaign branding showing thin linework of hands in prayer.

Every Meal Matters Campaign Branding (2018)

Every Meal Matters Campaign branding showing photography and badges working together.

Every Meal Matters Campaign Branding (2018)

Decorative badges containing branded statements such as health, hope, faith.

Badges & Details (2017)

Spread of collateral required for the sponsorship handbook including cover, envelopes and data sheets.

Sponsorship Handbook (2018)

2014 Catalog branding showing a girl smiling with hand drawn branding on top.

Christmas Catalog (2014)

Spread from the 2014 catalog

Christmas Catalog (2014)

Printed cover of the 2014 catalog.

Christmas Catalog (2014)

In Haiti, 2/5 people can't read. Let's do something about it.

Social Media Post (2016)

Speak up and jusdge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy. Proverbs 31:9

Social Media Post (2014)

Collage of partner typography and branding.

Partner Sub-Branding (2017)

Plant illustration

Sustainable Income Illustration (2016)

illustrated pig

Sustainable Income Illustration (2016)

illustrated church

Sustainable Income Illustration (2016)

Campaign Branding 2015

Silhouette of India

India — Newsletter Illustration (2014)

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