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Portside Productions

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Portside Productions is a growing video production company that primarily worked in real estate and talking head videos. Though they had a steady stream of work, Portside expressed a desire to pivot and specialize in the adventure lifestyle niche. The challenge was to create a logo that would speak to these lifestyle brands without alienating their current clientele.

Porside Productions logo underwater

Energy, inspiration and thought leadership

It takes courage to leave your primary audience in pursuit of another more enjoyable and lucrative market. So it was crucial that we had a shared understaning of goals and ambitions. Through an extensive (and not entirely comfortable) discovery process we collaborated to identify these goals and defined success

There was a strong desire that the logo feature some reference to film in addition to the more obvious nautical theme. By combining a wave with an aperture the logo subtly references video production while maintaining a slightly athletic feel. By pairing the mark with a bold font and wide tracking, this logo can appeal to outdoor brands. Thicker line weights are important to keep the logo readable on a moving background.

Brand card showing logo and decorative line work.
Let's make waves

A New Web Presence

After a few sucessful years running the brand through Wix it was determined that Port Side Productions needed to elevate it’s digital presence. A whole new site was designed from the ground up. Every aspect of the site is aimed at highlighting the quality and care put into every film they create. Additionally, the new site was built in Webflow, empowering Portside to effortlessly manage and update their new portfolio.

Screenshot of Portside Production's about page
Screenshot of Portside Production's homepage

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